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United Nations Security Council Resolution 827 (25 May 1993)

Date of publication: 25/05/1993

This is the UN Security Council Resolution which brought the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia into being.  The Security Council meeting which voted it was attended by the Bosnian and Croatian ambassadords to the UN - they evidently never expected that the new Tribunal would indict Croats or Bosnians, since it was clear to all that the main goal of it was to indict Serbs.  When the US Secretary of State, Lawrence Eagleburger, called for the creation of the ICTY in a speech on 16 December 1992 he named only Serb leaders as war criminals.  This fact alone shows the political bias which has marred the ICTY's work ever since: even if Croats, Bosnians and Albanians have been indicted, their indictments have only ever been for individual war crimes.  The Serbs, by contrast, are indicted for the alleged policies of the Serbian state.  It is in this sense that the ICTY is structurally biased against Serbia.

The full text of the Resolution can be read here.

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