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The Unbearable Hypocrisy of US Syria Policy

Date of publication: 30/05/2012

Daniel McAdams,

US Associate, Centre for the Study of Interventionism

26 May 2012

The US State Department is in an uproar over reports of a possible Russian delivery of military equipment purchased by the government of Syria.

Says State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland: "You know how strongly we feel that no country should be delivering weapons to the Assad regime now."

Nuland and her fellow regime-changers in the Administration are in the meantime silent on the US role in facilitating the shipment of arms to the Syrian rebels — weapons which ironically (or not?) may be making their way to the various al-Qaeda affiliates which have set up shop in Syria and set their sights on the Assad government.

Despite rebel claims that the Syrian government is blowing up its own governmental buildings and killing its own security forces to make the rebels look bad, the UN has acknowledged that the bombings are being carried out by non-governmental terrorist groups.

Violence in Syria sharply declined at the beginning of the UN aided ceasefire, leading some to hope that the worst of the conflict might be over. However, as soon as the US began supplying the rebels with specialized communications equipment enabling them to more accurately target government forces and institutions, some of the most deadly and gruesome bombings have taken place. The bombings display a brazen disregard for civilian life, as evident in the horrific car bomb attack on a Syrian government intelligence facility in Damascus earlier this month that killed some 55, most of whom were civilian non-combatants.

The Obama regime, which is every bit as warmongering and obsessed with exporting a Soviet-like "global democratic revolution" by force as its predecessor, has condemned and undermined every attempt to ratchet down the crisis in Syria. Voting on a new constitution introducing some pluralism into the system was condemned when it was not ignored. UN efforts to put in place a ceasefire and facilitate dialogue between the sides was ignored. Parliamentary elections this month which included non-Baathist parties as promised in the government's reform program "border[ed] on ludicrous," said another State Department flack.

For the US Administration it is regime change and only regime change. Eggs must be broken if the global democratic revolution omelet is to be cooked up. Trotsky smiles up from his perch in hell.


Centre for the Study of Interventionism