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Putin condemns culture of violence in international relations

Date of publication: 09/02/2012

Vladimir Putin meets political scientists including Natalia Narochnitskaya (left), Moscow, 6 February 2012

The Russian Prime Minister and presidential candidate has said that "a culture of violence" is developing in the world and that Russia would not allow the sort of things happening in Libya or Syria to occur on its own territory.  He also warned the West against any interference in Russia's internal affairs.

"Of course we condemn all forms of violence but one cannot behave like an elephant in a China shop," said Putin in a speech to religious leaders in Moscow on 8 February 2012, referring to Libya, Syria and Russia's recent veto of a Security Council resolution on the latter country.  "Help them," he said, "advise them, limit their capacity to use arms but don't interfere under any circumstances."

He said, "A culture of violence has imposed itself over the last decade in international relations.  This can only be a cause for concern and we have to prevent anything like this happening in our country."

 Source:  atlasinfo.fr and RIA Novosti (video)

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