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Memorandum on UN Security Council Resolution 1973

Date of publication: 26/03/2011

This is a detailed analysis of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973 (17 March 2011) which provided the legal basis for what was later to become the NATO operation in Libya.  It is written by Professor Dr Hans Köchler of the International Progress Organisation in Vienna.  Dr Köchler is one of the world's prominent critics of interventionism, both judicial and military, and one of the strongest advocates of UN reform.  His book, "Global Justice or Global Revenge?  International Criminal Justice at the Crossroads" (Springer: Vienna and New York, 2003) is especially noteworthy.

In this Memorandum Dr Köchler argues that the Resolution gives a blank cheque to the Western powers which wanted to attack Libya.  He claims that the Security Council committed an ultra vires act when it voted this resolution.

The full text of the memorandum can be seen here.

Centre for the Study of Interventionism