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Case studies

Case studies

Perhaps the most convincing arguments in favour of interventionism are ones based on claims about fact rather than theory.  As the NATO campaign in Libya was coming to an end in 2011, the spokesman of the French foreign ministry said that although the number of civilian victims of the campaign was unknown, it could be said with certainty how many people's lives had been saved by preventing the Libyan regime of Colonel Gaddafi from using force against his own people.  

But is this claim true?  Do we know how many people's lives were saved?  What is the integrity of the initial claims that Libyan forces were massacring their own people?  And what is the number of civilians and combatants killed by NATO and the rebels?  Have other interventions also saved lives, Kosovo for instance?  And what is the track record of forgotten interventions like the UN presence in Cyprus, which has lasted for over a generation since 1974?

This part of the site aims to be a comprehensive database concerning actual interventions.  It will aim to provide figures on their cost and on their demonstrable achievements and failures.  If the argument over interventionism is to be based in fact, then bring it on !

Centre for the Study of Interventionism